Arne Piepke 

documentary photographer

Arne grew up in a small village surrounded by hills and trees. His attitude towards photography was shaped by an urge to break out and explore. He deals with social issues and the people's connection to history and their surroundings.
He currently studies photography at  University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund.

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HANT Magazin
Voltaire Magazin

FotoRoom -"Remains of a Soviet Utopia" + Interview
Der Greif - Guest-Room by Jörg Colberg
Der Greif - Guest-Room by Francesco Zanot
if you leave - Showcase shortlist

2017 Winner of Vonovia Award of Photography, Newcomer Award
2017 Nominee for Photojournalism Photogrvphy Grant

2017 shortlisted for Felix Schoeller Award, Best emerging Photographer 2017 LUCIE Foundation scholarship shortlist
Nominee for Kolga Newcomer Award
2017 shortlisted for Kolga Photo Tbilisi, best Documentary with
2017 Selec­ted for Nikon­NOOR Work­shop with Béné­dicte Kur­zen, Yuri Kozy­rev and Kadir van Lohui­zen, C/O Gal­lery Ber­lin
2017 Athen Photo Festival Shortlist
2016 Port­fo­li­o­walk of Deut­sche foto­gra­fi­sche Aka­de­mie, H2 Zen­trum für Gegen­warts­kunst, Augs­burg
Arne Piepke
+49 170 4848 723

Arne Piepke
0170 4848 723

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